A dental bridge is the traditional treatment option for replacing a single lost tooth or several consecutive lost teeth. Sometimes called a partial denture, a bridge will fit between the existing natural teeth and “bridge the gap” to restore the appearance and function of your smile.
The dental bridge process will begin with a consultation to establish your needs, goals and a personalized treatment plan to address them. Key elements that need to be considered are the health of your smile, including the condition of bone in the jaw, your cosmetic desires, and the location of the missing tooth/teeth and any medical conditions or medications that may impact your ability to heal.
A dental bridge that is to be attached to existing teeth will be placed over the course of 2-3 visits. Your dentist will need to prepare the anchor teeth, often with the placement of a dental crown.
After the post has healed or the anchor teeth are prepared, dental impressions will be taken for making your dental bridge. These will be sent to a lab and fabricated using Dr. Sherman’s specific instructions for your tooth color, shape, and overall dimension.
The final visit will be the placement of the bridge and adjustments will be made for comfort and bite function.