Family Dentistry

The dental practice of Dr. Harvey I. Sherman offers local families the convenience of comprehensive dental care and services for children and adults under one roof. Family dentistry enables all members to be seen in one location and we can work with you to coordinate appointment times in succession so that everyone can visit the same day. 

The goal of our preventive dental care program for you and your family is to help everyone maintain their oral health with personalized care that meets each person’s needs and addresses their concerns and risk factors. Dr. Sherman believes in the value of relationship dentistry and spend time individually with patients to get to know them and understand their oral health.

We recommend that parents and caregivers bring children in for their first dental appointment soon after the primary teeth begin erupting, or by the age of one year. Early visits with us serve several important purposes for the long-term oral health of your child:

• Reduces anxiety at the dentist: starting with dental care as a young child often minimizes anxious feelings and helps to foster a healthy doctor-patient relationship along the way.
• Monitoring oral development: early visits provide us the opportunity to monitor your child's oral development and alert you to any concerns that could impact their speech, the health or appearance of their smile.
• Teaching good oral habits: when your child visits we offer age-appropriate oral hygiene tips and demonstrate proper tooth brushing. We want pediatric patients to learn how to care for their smile and to develop an appreciation for the benefits of good oral health.

Our office can be your dental home, offering comprehensive dental care for the needs of a growing smile in a friendly environment. Our pediatric dental services will help your child maintain a healthy smile and address any problems or disease along the way.

• Dental exams and cleanings: we look for the early signs of tooth cavities using a visual exam and the added enhancement of a handheld scanner that can detect small changes in tissues and tooth structure.
• Dental sealants: placed on the permanent molars, sealants can prevent cavities that are common in teeth with multiple cusps where food is easily trapped.
• Sports mouthguards: we offer custom sports mouthguards for athletic and active patients of all ages. A custom sports mouthguard offers superior comfort and protection for the teeth and gums.