Implant Crowns
An abutment is placed on the uncovered implant. It is attached to the implant post, the abutment will secure the final restoration. There are other types of attachment possibilities for implant dentures depending on the type of denture used. 


Implant Crown is a prosthetic tooth that is placed on the abutment.
The last step after the post is uncovered is to attach the abutment which will support the final restoration. This step may be different if a dental bridge or denture is being attached to the implant. Once the final restoration, denture or bridge is attached your new smile will be complete. Not unlike traditional crown your implant will require a couple of visits to place. Starting with tooth preparation and dental impressions. 
Dr. Sherman will send the impressions to a lab along with the specifications for your crown. A temporary crown is typically placed while we wait for the final custom crown to be sent from the lab. This is often in our office in three weeks and you can return for the placement and fitting. Dr. Sherman will place the new crown on the prepared tooth, adjust as needed for a comfortable bite and permanently secure it to the tooth.
Dr. Sherman will provide instructions for keeping your new implant or implant supported appliance clean and maintaining a healthy smile. Today’s patients enjoy a success rate of over 95% and your implants will last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and routine dental care.