Missing Teeth

Do you feel embarrassed about your smile because of missing teeth? Have lost teeth compromised your quality of life?
Dr. Sherman can replace your missing teeth with a range of treatment options, giving you back a smile that is beautiful, natural looking and functional so that you can enjoy living life to the fullest. We offer a personalized approach to restorative dentistry in Silver Spring, taking the time with each patient to get to know them as an individual, understand their oral health and their unique needs and goals for a healthy smile.

Replacing a Single Tooth

Even “just one” missing tooth can lead to a range of complex dental problems, affecting the health and function of the bite over time. Replacing a lost tooth as soon as possible is important in order to maintain a healthy bite structure and avoid the development of other concerns.
A single missing tooth can be replaced with a dental bridge or a dental implant. Dr. Sherman will evaluate the condition of your smile and work with you to determine the most suitable option for your needs. In most cases we will recommend the placement of a dental implant so that you can enjoy the benefits they offer for oral health, quality of life and long-term overall well-being.

Replacing a Full Arch of Teeth

If you are missing a full arch or all of your teeth there are options for restoring the appearance and function of a natural looking smile. Today’s patients enjoy tooth replacement options that are far superior in aesthetics, durability, materials, and comfort when compared to those used years ago. From cosmetic dentures to implant secured dentures, we can meet your needs and allow you to regain normal function when it comes to eating and speaking with confidence.
Dr. Sherman will provide complete services for the placement of implant supported dentures.  Your new smile will fit and function like your natural teeth and enable you to enjoy your favorite foods. Implant secured dentures are the most comfortable tooth replacement option and reduce the risk of gum disease and irritation of the soft tissues in the mouth.

Slipping Dentures?

If you have a denture or partial denture that no longer fits and slips while eating or speaking, Dr. Sherman can work with you to place a new custom appliance that is secured with dental implants. Your new denture or partial will be permanent, stable and feel like your natural smile.
To learn more about tooth replacement options, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sherman in our Frederick office. We welcome new patients and serve many surrounding areas including Rockville and Bethesda.