A custom night guard can be made to protect your teeth from damage by preventing the surfaces of your teeth from grinding together. This action can cause you to chip and crack your teeth. Wearing a night guard regularly reduces jaw clenching and strain of the jaw muscles, these are common signs of a bite disorder that can also lead to discomfort and pain around the jaw, neck and head area. We offer these for children and adults as the best way to prevent tooth damage and loss. A night guard or sleep appliance is designed to position the jaw naturally and reduce muscle tension.

Fitting a custom night guard will require a brief visit to take dental impressions. These will ensure that your new protective appliance will fit over the teeth snugly and securely. One of the key benefits of a custom-made night guard is that it will not require the wearer to clench or bite down to keep it in place.
If it is determined that a night guard is appropriate for your specific dental concerns, a thorough evaluation of your dental health will be a necessary part of overall treatment to address the cause of your bite related disorder or teeth grinding. Worn or damaged teeth should also be treated for the best long-term result and to fully stabilize your oral health.