Advanced Technology for Our Patients at Sherman Smiles

At Sherman Smiles, we do our best to ensure your dental care is the best it can possibly be. Our variety of services are available to care for patients of all ages, ensuring their smiles are healthy and long-lasting. Combined with our treatments, we are proud to utilize the latest and greatest in dental technology. Staying in-the-know and up-to-date with technology in dentistry allows Dr. Sherman and our team to create treatment plans that are efficient and effective. See the breakdown below of our technology used in our office:
Digital Panorex Machine CS8100
This panorex machine takes 3D images of the structures in your mouth, from your teeth to your jawbone, muscles and tissues surrounding the area, to get the most detailed pictures possible.
With incredible image clarity, this technology allows us to see the details of your smile with incredible accuracy. We're able to diagnose different issues and determine what kind of care is necessary for your smile. There are settings for pediatric patients, reducing the image size and radiation output to enhance the safety for children.
Intraoral Scanner
By utilizing an intraoral scanner, Dr. Sherman quickly and efficiently takes digital impressions of your teeth and gums. There are hundreds of photos taken in seconds to produce detailed 3D images of your mouth. With these comprehensive photos, our team is able to take a detailed look at your smile to identify any areas of concern and address them right away.
Digital Impressions
Thanks to the advancements of dental technology, we now utilize digital impressions for your smiles! No longer do we have to worry about the uncomfortable and messy putty - this is a tool of the past! After completing the scans with the intraoral tool, your digital impressions appear in mere moments for Dr. Sherman to display. With these quick and accurate impressions, we're able to walk you through your smile to see any areas of concern and how we'll be creating your future dental restorations. 
OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifiers
Your health comes first and that goes beyond dental health which is why Sherman Smiles has OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifiers throughout the office. Commonly used in hospital HVAC systems, the charged ions are powerful oxidizers that destroy particles as small as .001 microns, heavily decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases.